Members still at large of Manchester bomber’s network


May 28, 2017, 6:40 PM (IDT)

With 11 suspects in custody in connection with the Manchester bombing that killed 22 people, British Interior Minister Amber Rudd said Sunday that some members of the terror network were still at large. “The operation is still at full tilt,” she said. Friday, the terror threat in the UK was downgraded from critical to severe. Asked how many potential terrorists the government was worried about, Rudd said the security services were looking at 500 different potential plots, involving 3,000 people as a "top list", with a further 20,000 beneath that. "That is all different layers, different tiers,” she said. Later Sunday, British police arrested a 25-year old man in connection with the Manchester attack, bringing the total in custody to 12.

Source: New feed

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