Nasrallah threatens to blow up Israel’s nuclear center at Dimona


February 16, 2017, 4:57 PM (IDT)

In a televised speech commemorating slain Hizballah leaders, Hassan Nasrallah came up with new threats – all aimed at a single address. Israel should “dismantle the Dimona nuclear reactor,” he said, because if hit by Hizballah’s missile, it would post a threat to Israel’s existence. The Hizballah leader warned that in the next showdown with Israel, his missiles would hit the ammonia plant in Haifa. “Trump’s election does not scare us, even if he promises Netanyahu a green light to wage war,” he said.  The new threats are based on the election of Trump, but the policy of the new American administration in the region is not clear. Nasrallah then boasted, “I tell the enemy’s leaders they would be wrong to think they know enough about us, seeing as we always have hidden surprises.”

Source: New feed

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